Raspberry Pi

My wonderful wife Erin bought me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday in November 2012.  It’s changed the way I think about computers and coding education.  I wrote a long form post about my latest ideas on HASTAC.org.  You can read more by checking out my G+ feed, and below are some selected posts from it.


I started Comp-core.org, the Computational Core Curriculum, to collect and collaborate on course materials (and code, via our github repos) for those of us who teach this material.  It’s small now  I first got this idea from a panel I moderated in the Fall at UNC called Code in the Classroom.  A little wrap-up of that event, which featured profs from Duke and UNC, is here.


So check it out and shoot me an email or  join comp-core’s open google group if you want to contribute!


Some G+ Posts I’ve written about the Pi:

VNC running into my Pi from my iMac:

Finally,  see also this post on HASTAC, which is a longer case study of how my VNC project was enabled by the modern Internet.

Posted: February 16th, 2013
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